• Ultra Sprayer

    • Wide, robust lug increases durability, giving a smoother ride and maximising traction
    • Reinforced carcass and heavy-duty belt package results in excellent lateral stability
    • Stubble resistant tread compound gives superior overall durability
    • Superior flexing properties of IF and VF result in bigger footprint reducing pressure in the contact area with the soil
    Ultra Sprayer
  • Optitorque

    • Optitorque tread pattern is now available in sprayer sizes
    • R-1 design features 20% less tread depth than R-1W tires, reducing rutting
    • Optimized lug arc provides great traction and excellent cleanout
    • Increased lug surface area for improved wear and roading stability

Ultra Sprayer

Tyre size
Tyre width (mm)
Overall diameter (mm)
Static Loaded radius (mm)
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